Iowa Public Television Names New Street Honoring Their 50 Years

To commemorate Iowa Public Television’s 50th anniversary, the City of Johnston has named the street on the corner of Pioneer Parkway and the entrance to Terra Park as “Friends Circle.” This new street name honors Iowa Public Television’s Friends Foundation and the relationship that Iowa Public Television has with the City of Johnston and the patrons of its neighbor, Terra Park. After petitioning the council on October 7, Parks and Recreation Director John Schmitz reviewed the proposed name change and the Park Advisory Board unanimously approved.

“It has been our privilege to educate, inform, enrich and inspire Iowans for the last 50 years,” said Molly Phillips, executive director and general manager of Iowa Public Television. “Friends Circle conveys the perfect message to park patrons and residents of Johnston.”

On December 16, the City of Johnston and Iowa Public Television brought together city leaders, staff and community members to celebrate in Terra Park, unveiling Iowa Public Television's street sign and the city’s newest public art sculpture, “Tree of Life,” designed by artist Hilde DeBruyne with Hilde DeBruyne Art & Design.

For 50 years, Iowa Public Television has been Iowa’s only statewide public broadcasting network. The City’s street naming gives honor to their past 50 years and celebration to the next 50 years. In 2020, Iowa Public Television will become Iowa PBS.

“Naming the street Friends Circle is being done to recognize the station’s long presence here in Johnston as well as the relationship that we’ve had with Iowa Public Television for 50 years,” said Mayor Paula Dierenfeld.

“Iowa Public Television has always brought the best of the world to Iowa — and the best of Iowa to the world,” said Susan Moritz Scharnberg, president of the Iowa Public Television Foundation. “We will spend the next 50 years and beyond ensuring Iowa Public Television can tell Iowa’s stories like no one else can.”

The ceremony was the final event of Iowa Public Television’s yearlong celebration of its anniversary.

Friends Circle Street Sign
A new street name, Friends Circle, honors Iowa PBS's 50th anniversary. Photo courtesy Danny Engesser.