Iowa PBS presents Iowa Land and Sky

Join IPTV for an entertaining and educational exploration of our communities, natural resources and environmental challenges with the new Iowa Land and Sky project. Leveraging the latest advancements in aerial drone cinematography, the project features breathtaking bird’s-eye perspectives, as well as beautiful close ups of the state’s landforms, rivers and towns.

Classroom resources that offer support to Iowa teachers as they implement the Iowa Science Standards are being released this fall. Developed by a team of veteran Iowa science teachers, these classroom lessons are anchored in engaging, question-provoking environmental phenomena and provide authentic, Iowa-based approaches for middle school science classrooms. The project’s educational resources also help students explore ideas and issues surrounding Iowa’s unique geologic history and landforms, water quality, land use, the environmental diversity of Iowa’s plants and animals, and the impacts of climate change on the state.

"This project is a unique opportunity to support Iowa classrooms with locally-relevant resources that support the Iowa Core science standards, particularly in earth and environmental science,” said Ken Harrison, director of educational services at IPTV. “It is important for students to see how environmental issues and concepts are at work in our state and in our communities."

Iowa Land and Sky will premiere a broadcast documentary in March. In spring of 2019, a limited Iowa Land and Sky series will dig deeper into our state’s landscapes, including the Loess Hills, Mississippi River, prairie grasslands and urban areas.

The visuals and stories created through the project will help all Iowans better appreciate the ecological and geological diversity of our state. Follow the project at and via social media, including IPTV’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

Support for Iowa Land and Sky on IPTV is provided by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program (REAP CEP) and the Gilchrist Foundation.