Iowa PBS Announces New Web Series Greetings from Iowa

IPTV announced today the launch of its new online-exclusive web series, Greetings from Iowa. The series will premiere Wednesday, March 22 on Facebook, YouTube and  

Greetings from Iowa is a dispatch from America’s heartland – a personal, firsthand exploration of the colorful people, places and stories that make Iowa great. Every episode is a friendly meeting with folks who are thriving in their own unique ways within the state’s ever-evolving culture.

Episodes will feature a variety of Iowans and their many talents, including a kaleidoscope maker, artists, an Indian dance troupe, a mime troupe, a bobblehead maker, hot air balloon racers and candy-making nuns.

“When we're on the road shooting stories some of the best conversation takes place at the in-between stops - gas stations, diners and other everyday places,” said Greetings from Iowa producer/director Tyler Brinegar. “I wanted to find a way to capture that common discourse and build a collage of unique Iowans with this series. There is no host, no voiceover and no pre-conceived story. I think people may be surprised at just how interesting their neighbors are.”

Utilizing new content delivery channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Greetings from Iowa delivers a diverse picture of our state to a diverse set of viewers. Strategies to feature and engage Iowans in new ways makes Greetings from Iowa a can’t-miss postcard from the heart of the Midwest. New episodes will premiere Wednesdays, March 22 and 29, and the first Wednesday of each month beginning in April 2017.

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Funding for Greetings from Iowa is provided by Iowa Bankers Association and Redeker’s Home Furnishings and Flooring.