Iowa PBS broadcast serving Keokuk is moving from channel 44 to channel 19

IPTV is scheduled to replace the broadcast antenna serving the Keokuk viewing area later this month. The replacement process will cause a temporary service outage while the existing antenna is removed and new equipment is installed. The change will also result in a channel change for viewers watching the over- the-air translator signal, from the current channel 44 to the new channel 19. The replacement work is tentatively scheduled to occur during the week of December 11, 2017. The crew will work to limit the necessary outage as much as possible. 

Upon completion of the replacement, on or before December 18, viewers watching IPTV’s over-the-air signal will need to rescan their televisions to receive the new channel. Viewers watching IPTV via a cable or satellite provider do not need to make any adjustments.