Iowa PBS Premieres Tradition and Valor: The Story Continues…

IPTV is releasing an updated version of its popular 1994 documentary that explores the impact of African-Americans in Iowa history. Tradition and Valor: The Story Continues… presents the original documentary’s key events along with new materials, including an extended interview with Elaine Estes, the first African-American director of the Des Moines Public Library. It will premiere on Monday, February 18 at 8 p.m. on statewide IPTV.

IPTV’s 1994 documentary Tradition and Valor chronicled the military service and civil rights achievements of one prominent African-American family from Iowa. Over five decades, members of the J.B. Morris family participated in landmark events that shaped our state and nation. IPTV now supplements the original documentary with a new segment, Tradition and Valor: The Story Continues..., in which the late Robert Morris, the program’s producer, examines more about African-Americans who made a difference in Iowa’s history.

“When Robert first approached IPTV, we knew this story had to be told,” said Dave Miller, executive producer at IPTV. “The new interview sheds more light on the often overlooked contributions of African-American Iowans on state, national and global history.”

Robert Morris passed away in February 2017 while building on his original work alongside IPTV producers. Tradition and Valor: The Story Continues... features an extended interview with Elaine Estes conducted by Morris, as well as a new introduction to the program with his daughter, Jessica Morris.

“Iowa lost a valuable voice with the passing of Robert Morris,” said Chuck Czech, IPTV manager of local programming. “He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and he focused his energies in sharing stories that really mattered.”