Protect My Public Media

America’s public media system provides all Americans with access to the best and most trusted non-commercial programming in the country. This system relies upon funding from the federal government to operate. Federal funding for public media amounts to $1.35 per U.S. citizen, and for every dollar of federal funding public stations receive, they raise an additional $6 on their own.

Federal funding is essential to IPTV's ability to provide the programs and services you value. It represents 17% of our annual budget. Please help us keep the public in this public/private partnership. You can help to protect this funding today by signing Protect My Public Media’s petition. The petition asks Congress to oppose the President’s budget proposal and include public media funding in its annual budget. 

Take action to protect the future of IPTV, YOUR statewide network. Sign Protect My Public Media’s petition to urge Congress to continue funding public media. #SaveOurStations