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Makers | Go Beyond

Learn about tools and materials that can be used to make your ideas come to life!

Iowa PBS STEM Externship Program

Iowa PBS Education announces 2020 Iowa STEM externs

Iowa PBS Education is adding two Iowa STEM teachers to its ranks as externs this summer. The externs will work with Iowa PBS’s education staff to create science phenomena media for use in Iowa...

Young Explorer

Young Explorers

Young Explorers is a growing collection of great videos, activities, and materials designed for children ages 4-9. In collaboration with other great Iowa education partners, children are encouraged...

Ready to Learn

Science Resources and Activities for Ages 4-8

*/ Scientific Inquiry Does your child always ask the question why? Why is the sky blue? How do I make my little car go faster? Where did my ice cube go? Your child is demonstrating their innate...

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Iowa PBS Partner Resources Support Learning During COVID-19

Iowa PBS is collaborating with agencies and organizations to provide access to educational enrichment options.

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Secondary Education Resources

Find great resources that can be used to engage students in 6th through 12th grade in a variety of subjects.

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Elementary Education Resources

Iowa PBS and PBS provide several great resources for elementary students, parents, and educators.

STEAM Activity Book

Iowa PBS Activity Book Resources

*/ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics Games and Videos to Extend Your Child's Learning. Welcome to the STEAM Activity Book website where you and your child can start your STEAM...

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Future Iowa Zoologist Inspired by Iowa PBS and Ready to Learn Programming

When nine-year-old Eliana Olsen of Newell isn’t reading books about animals, she is busy helping her family on the farm, showing animals at the fair or playing with her dog, Bubba. Eliana will start...

American Masters

Explore American Writers, Artists and Performers with American Masters

Explore the contributions of American writers, artists and performers with American Masters education collections.