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Jul 29, 2020

Are you looking for Iowa-based phenomena to anchor your science unit or lesson? Then the Iowa Science Phenomena website is your source! Developed with Iowa teachers and statewide partners, its aim is to create a user-generated online resource and community focused on the curation, collection and sharing of media-based science phenomena for use in Iowa classrooms.

This project emphasizes the identification and publication of Iowa-specific phenomena, particularly those that represent locally-relevant or unique concepts. This resource features:

  • A growing collection of media-based phenomena, including short video clips, images, 360° VR experiences and links to public datasets.
  • Authentic Iowa-specific phenomena from diverse areas of the state.
  • A framework that provides supporting and driving questions, investigation ideas and related resources.
  • Phenomena that are each developed, aligned and vetted by Iowa teachers.
  • Teacher support materials providing guidance related to phenomena-based best practices.

Do you have ideas about phenomena you could capture and submit that represent your area of Iowa? The Iowa Science Phenomena team would love to see it! Check out our guidance and support for local teachers to submit their own captured phenomena and a process for evaluating the quality of the submissions prior to publication, including self-assessment tools and the submission rubric.

Iowa PBS is also always looking to collaborate with Iowa-based community or science organizations interested in contributing or sustaining the Iowa Science Phenomena project. For more information about how you can contribute phenomena as an organizational partner, please contact