Building the Dome of the Iowa Capitol, 1880

Stories of Iowa’s History

Oct 21, 2020

Iowa PBS’s Iowa Pathways is an online learning environment for grades 5-12 that challenges students to create their own story of Iowa history as they explore the people, places, events and ideas of their state. This award-winning website helps students choose topics that interest them, build research questions and examine relationships among Iowa concepts—past to present. Iowa Pathways features several ways to explore Iowa history:

  • Hundreds of interconnected articles introduce students to the big ideas and specific topics of Iowa’s past and present. Each article is supported with images, websites and connections to related topics. Students are challenged to think about what they are reading and why it’s relevant. Students determine their own paths as they make associations between topics.
  • Search a growing collection of images, videos, maps and other media.
  • Explore Iowa history milestones and their connections to U.S. and world events. A variety of items in the timeline offer students opportunities to compare and contrast events across different themes and to place events in a broad context.
  • Students are challenged by inquiry-based tasks as they make and interpret connections among the people, places, events and ideas of Iowa.
  • Students and teachers can explore related links, activities and classroom resources.

Get started with Iowa Pathways and find classroom resources by visiting