IPTV Virtual PreK Manipulatives

Virtual Pre-K! Ready for Math

Virtual Pre-K is a hands-on learning resource developed for preschool teachers, parents and children. Virtual Pre-K demonstrates concepts and skills taught in a preschool classroom and offers ways for parents to extend them at home and in the community.

The "virtual" signifies that, with the right support, learning for a young child can happen virtually anywhere, and this resource shows how. Virtual Pre-K is a resource that can be used for classroom and home activities, parent workshops, teacher professional development, home visits, family literacy, field trips and much more.
In partnership with PBS, CPB and the U.S. Department of Education's Ready to Learn grant, Virtual Pre-K contains five themed lessons centered on early math skills.  Links to the activities and digital math games that PBS created can be found in the chart below. Prepare your preschooler ready for math with the fun activities and games in this chart. They're perfect for at home, in the classroom or out and about. These activities can also be found in PBSLearningMedia.

Locations Lesson 1 - Numbers & Counting Lesson 2 - Shapes Lesson 3 - Sorting it Out Lesson 4 - Up, Down, All Around Lesson 5 - Let's Measure
In the Classroom Activities Name Towers Shape Hunt Shoe Sort Classroom Obstacle Course Build Me A House
At Home Activities

Number Cards

Counting Around the House

Play Dough Shapes

What's in the Bag?

Home Collections

Sorting at Home

Treasure Map

Up, Down, All Around Games

Family Feet

Fill it Up!

Out & About
*See below

Numbers and Counting Shapes Sorting it Out Up, Down, All Around Let's Measure

Online games to accompany these lesson plans can be found on PBS LearningMedia at: pbslearningmedia.org/kidslab.

*Out and About Community Connections

NUMBERS & COUNTING...Numbers are everywhere you look. Point out numbers you see in signs, on buses and trains and in stores. Have your child count cars, people or items on your grocery list. Compare groups of things that you see. “Are there more babies or grownups waiting for the bus?” “Are there more apples or bananas in the fruit salad?”

SHAPES...Look for shapes when you’re out and about. Make it a game! Play ‘I Spy’ with shapes you spot on your way around your community. A wheel is a circle, a building is a rectangle, a floor tile is a square, a rooftop is a triangle.

SORTING IT OUT...There are wonderful collections you can explore with your child at most museums and nature centers. Point out what’s the same and what’s different. Some museums even have hands-on collections you can touch and sort yourself. And don’t forget the wonderful collection of books at your local library! Ask your librarian for book suggestions around collections, number or any topic your child is excited about.

UP, DOWN, ALL AROUND...Take your child to the park and explore the playground using location words. You can make up your own obstacle course – go through the tunnel, up the stairs, over the bridge, and down the slide.

LET’S MEASURE...As you move around town, guess how many steps it will take to get to the door, or up a flight of stairs, then count how many it takes. Talk with your child about what you see and compare – which is longer, the car or the bus? Which is taller, that building or that house?