IPTV KIDS Channel Virtual Party Package

Iowa PBS KIDS Pajama Party Package

Oct 30, 2017

Interested in hosting your own pajama party to celebrate Iowa PBS KIDS, our new channel and live stream devoted entirely to PBS KIDS programming? We have the perfect party package for you to print at home to use! Check out our party banner, photo props, and more below and check back often as we add additional items and recommend food and fun to add to your soirée!

Party Banner

No party is complete without a colorful banner to showcase the theme of your bash. Print off our "Iowa PBS KIDS Pajama Party" banner and string together for the perfect decoration to make things festive.

Party Invitations

If you want your pajama party to be more than a family affair, we've got editable invitations you can fill out with all your party details. Or, if you'd prefer to create an event on social media, we have a cover photo you can use!

Photo Booth: Signage & Props

Our photo props are an easy addition to your party - simply print, cut out, and attach them to a straw or tongue depresser for your party goers to use as part of the fun. Use our printable sleeping masks as both a photo prop and an activity as you let the kids color and decorate their mask.

Photo Booth Sign

Set up a quick photo booth area in your house with a sheet for a backdrop and our cute sign and let your little party goers have a blast with the photo props below!


Sleeping Masks

Our sleeping mask photo props double as a fun activity for your party goers - print off one for every child in attendance and let them decorate their own sleeping mask for the night.


Milk & Cookies

Milk and cookies are the perfect snack to have at a pajama party - we recommend having paper versions for props but the real thing for little ones to enjoy while they're watching Iowa PBS KIDS!


Sleeping Caps

You can print off the sleeping cap props in two colors - pink and green


"ZZZZ" Conversation Balloon

While sleeping probably won't come till the end of the pajama party, parents can always hope for an early night.


"I Heart Iowa PBS KIDS" Conversation Balloon

Party goers should use this conversation balloon to say what everyone at the party is thinking!

Food Labels

Set up your tabletop of snacks and show off your spread with our editable food labels