Iowa Press Corporate Sponsorship

Iowa Press Corporate Sponsorship

Dean Borg

Iowa Press is a weekly half-hour program that prides itself on examining local and national policy and politics from the Iowa perspective. After more than 40 seasons, Iowa Press continues to provide a forum for the presentation of news and discussion of current topics that impact Iowans, including Iowa legislative/statehouse issues, news from the Iowa delegation in Washington D.C. and accompanying federal issues. The program also features appearances from elected officials, newsmakers, policy makers and political hopefuls.

Customarily the program incorporates moderator, Dean Borg, and guests in a roundtable format. Veteran reporters O. Kay Henderson, Kathie Obradovich and James Lynch appear on a regular basis. Governor Branstad, Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and numerous presidential hopefuls have all made appearances on the program this past season. It is a program that truly informs Iowans of local and national interests by involving the decision-makers on all levels of government.

The Iowa Press programs and clips are made available to a number of national network news organizations such as CNN, ABC News and C-Span. Programs that deal with national topics and/or feature national notables receive regular national exposure through these outlets. Iowa Press can be seen statewide on Iowa PBS Friday nights at 7:30 and Sundays at noon. It also airs on Iowa PBS WORLD (.3) Saturday mornings at 8:30. Full programs and clips are posted on

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