Primetime Pick Package on Iowa PBS

This option is a favorite with many Iowa PBS sponsors including the Iowa Lottery, Guy Cook Law Firm, The Iowa Council on Foundations and The Iowa Communications Network.  With this option our sponsors are placed on what Iowa PBS considers to be the best programs (often one time PBS specials of the month).  At the beginning of every month you will get a list of what we consider to be the top 10 to 20 programs of the month.  You can then let us know which programs you would like to sponsor for that month.  Often these shows are the best that PBS has to offer.  Many of the programs are Ken Burns’ specials, health care specials, top performing PBS specials and musical performances.  These programs are the most promoted programs on our air.  In addition, we often purchase additional promotional coverage of these programs throughout Iowa (WHO radio, Iowa Public Radio, cable channels).

Every month you will be emailed a list of programs from which you can choose shows that best fit your mission. 

Past programs that have been offered to clients are listed as follows:

American Experience: Eyes on the Prize
Heroes at Ground Zero
Henry A. Wallace
On Our Own Terms:  Death and Dying in America
Austin City Limits: Dixie Chicks
Freedom:  History of the United States
Remaking American Medicine
Seven Choices for Healing Grief:  A Look at Grieving in Iowa 
Rick Steve's Europe