Sponsoring Iowa PBS is easy

There are several ways to sponsor Iowa PBS.


Production Sponsors are listed in the credits of each program and run as part of the show each time it is aired. These credits will also be included on DVD copies of the program and when viewing the program online. Program examples include Market to Market, Iowa Outdoors, Iowa Ingredient, and Iowa Press.


Program Sponsor credits are 15 seconds in length and are placed directly before and after the broadcast of a specific program. These credits, which can include company logos and contact information, air around the program for a specific time period. They are not included in DVD copies of the program or when viewing the program online. Program examples include Sesame Street, Frontline, Downton Abbey, PBS N ewsHour, Antiques Roadshow, Rick Steves' Travel, and NOVA


General support credits are 15 seconds in length and are placed within the break just preceding or just following a particular show or type of show. These credits are typically associated with a specific genre such as arts and entertainment, news and public affairs, or children's educational programming and are run at selected times during a given week You may also choose to support Iowa PBS's locally produced programming.

Prime Time Picks is another way in which sponsors can support our general programming. You will be emailed a monthly list of Iowa PBS's top ten to twenty prime time programs from which to choose. Your rate is based on the number of programs you chose to support.


This affordable option provides your organization with 52 on air acknowledgements per year(typically one per week with the exception of our fundraising period). You pick a genre or daypart to support and your 3-5 second acknowledgement will air (featuring your logo and tagline) along with up to three non-competing partners during a 1s-second spot.

In addition, we will air a 1s-second testimonial spot twice each month for one year. These spots feature your CEO or another company representative explaining why your organization chose to support Iowa PBS. These testimonials will also be available for viewing on our website. This sponsorship option is available for just $3,500 per year.


In addition to our annual Festival fundraising drive, Iowa PBS holds a number of events throughout the year many of which otter sponsorship opportunities. Examples include the Iowa State Fair, political debates, concerts, and school and education related events.