Giving Tuesday

Amelia Earhart Costume

Inspiring Iowa's Future Adventurer

Six-year-old Vaden was recently introduced to American icon Amelia Earhart through props provided via our Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum event. Inspired by the costume, Vaden researched the aviator with her mom, learning about Earhart’s bravery and pioneering for women.

Vaden was so inspired by her new hero that she abandoned her original Halloween costume idea and went as Earhart, even going so far as to cut her shoulder-length hair into a shorter style to match. It was her first trip to a real salon and she spent her time there sharing all the interesting facts she’d learned about Earhart.

Amelia Earhart Costume Flying
Beatrice and Molly of Denali

Inspiring Iowa's Future Scientist

In Beatrice’s home, PBS and PBS KIDS programs are routinely being streamed. A fan of Odd Squad and Molly of Denali, the six-year-old also loves watching programming as a family, including Nature and NOVA.

Her mom, Tessa, loves that Beatrice can sit engrossed in the science programming and that her daughter is always going to learn when PBS is on: “She really synthesizes what she’s learning and applies it to her life.”

After streaming a short science feature on genes and traits that can be inherited, Beatrice immediately thought about how it might apply to her. "She told her dad 'I got being funny from you dad,'" her mom said.

Inspiring Iowa's Future Superheroes

The Moyer family might hold the record for station events attended (26 by dad’s count!), and our local show hosts keep making these events memorable for the kids. While Cecilia (15), Britain (8), Ember (5) and Keith (3) have grown up loving lots of PBS KIDS programming, our local show KIDS Clubhouse Adventures offers them something special.

“Dan and Abby [KIDS Clubhouse hosts] know who we are. We feel so special. It’s like movie stars for kids,” said the kids’ mom, Colleen Moyer.

Her family enjoys KIDS Clubhouse so much that they now have costumes the kids wear of host Dan Wardell and his robot sidekick DanBot. And while the goofy fun of the Clubhouse and its characters has a lot of appeal, the show’s positive messages really resonate with dad, Ben Moyer. “I don’t know any other show that tells you to turn off the TV.”