Rural America looks for clues on Trump presidency

Nov 11, 2016  | 3 min  | Ep4212

A TV producer will tell you good television features conflict and drama. The most recent political contest featured a cliff-hanger with a principal character leaving the world in suspense, promising only to consider the results carefully.

Political pundits predicted a series finale for the Republican Party’s standard bearer, but rural America responded, along with millions of urbanites, and told the businessman “You’re hired.”

Paul Yeager reports.  

Donald John Trump shocked the establishment this week, winning this cycle’s edition of “Election”, despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, President-elect: “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation I say it is time for us to come together as one united people. It's time.” 

Voter data indicates the New York businessman’s attention to rural America may have given him the boost to overcome huge deficits in major metropolitan areas.

The celebrity businessman will now pivot to the being the 45th President of the United States as the jockeying for cabinet positions begins in earnest. Garnering the most attention in the countryside will be the next Secretary of Agriculture. Trump had assembled a 70-member task force during the campaign, filled with lawmakers and donors. He believes the group will help him choose the next head of USDA as well as chart a course for agricultural policy.

Trump has vowed to get tough on trade calling for a more level playing field or at least an improvement for the United States. Both candidates were against the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trump called the treaty bad for American workers. Even in light of his call for dumping the most recent policy, agricultural advocacy groups cite the need for foreign markets to help boost demand for U.S. corn, soybeans and other farm products. During the 2014-15 marketing year, roughly 13 percent of all production was exported to more than 100 different countries. The top destinations for those producers were Japan, Mexico and Colombia.

Farmers have been encouraged by the President-elect’s stance on biofuels. He addressed the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit membership back in January.

(Jan 19,2016) Donald Trump, Republican Candidate for President: “The RFS, the Renewable Fuels Standard, is an important tool in the mission to achieve energy dependence for the United States. I will do all that is in my power as President to achieve that goal.”

The EPA, another target during the campaign, is slated to release final Renewable Fuel Standards by month’s end.

Climate change advocates will likely see a foe at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump campaigned to cancel the Paris Climate Accord. The nominee says regulations are getting in the way of the energy business. Crude fought an early sell-off to finish higher the day after polls closed.

Overnight trading on stock markets around the world experienced a sell-off on the likelihood of a Trump presidency. U.S. markets whipsawed as the Dow jumped 257 points and encroached within a hairs breadth of all-time highs on Wednesday and set a record Thursday.

Trump will have a Republican controlled House and Senate to work with by the time he takes the oath of office in January. While some lawmakers have called for splitting supplemental food policy from the agricultural safety nets, the President Elect has vowed to keep the Farm Bill together.

For Market to Market, I’m Paul Yeager.

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