4216 outlook

Economic Outlook - December 9

Dec 9, 2016  | Ep4216

There was plenty of conspicuous consumption going on in the lead-up to the Holiday season. Consumers purchased their fair share of clothing, cell phones and host of other goods.--

The sales pushed the trade deficit to a 3-year record as the gap widened by double digits when imports increased by 17 percent between September and October.

The demand had U.S. manufacturers replenishing supplies last month as orders for factory goods moved 2.7 percent higher – the best showing in 16 months.

And fears of a post-election market crash have yet to materialize as the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high on Friday capping a more than 1,400 point run since November 8.--

The stepped-up investment is being fueled, in part, by potential increases in trade. Canada continues to hold the top spot as a U.S. trading partner but China runs a close second. 

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