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Economic Outlook - December 30

Dec 30, 2016  | Ep4219

The end of the year brings time for reflection. A look at what was and what will be in the new year.

2016 was off to its worst two-week start ever on Wall Street, but as the ink dried on the presidential election results, the markets rocketed higher, flirting with the psychological threshold of 20,000 points.

The broadest measure of the market, the S and P 500 index rallied after a flat finish in 2015 to rise 10 percent.

The Dow Jones –-a measure of the daily price movements of the 30 largest American companies-- is up nearly 14 percent on the year.

The NASDAQ, an index of technology stocks, is running nearly 11 percent higher.

The snapshot of the smaller companies, the Russell 2000, zoomed ahead 20 percent in 2016. 

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