Macron, Schwarzenegger Pledge Continued Climate Work

Dec 15, 2017  | 2 min  | Ep4317

President Donald Trump gave his administration high marks this week for withdrawing or delaying over 1,500 regulatory actions. As the president was cutting a red ribbon in D.C., a large number of world leaders were meeting over one of those dropped rules.

 Peter Tubbs reports.

More than 50 world political and economic leaders met in Paris this week seeking to regain momentum in their plans to combat climate change.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger assured the gathering work on mitigating climate change can continue despite the actions of President Donald Trump.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: "It doesn't matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris agreement because the private sector didn't drop out, the public sector didn't drop out, the universities didn't drop out, the scientists didn't drop out, the engineers didn't drop out. No one dropped out. Donald Trump pulled Donald Trump out of the Paris agreement. So don't worry about any of that. We on the sub-national level, we're going to pick up the slack and we're going to continue on. We will fight and we will create the kind of great, great future for our children and grandchildren because that is our responsibility and no one will stop us."

French President Immanuel Macron is seeking to place France in the center of the climate change leadership vacuum created when the United States abandoned the Paris climate accords in June.

Multiple projects to reduce carbon emissions from economies as well as assisting nations most affected by a changing climate were announced at the gathering.


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