Sept. 21, 2018 Economic Outlook

September 21, 2018 Economic Outlook

Sep 21, 2018  | Ep4405

The foundation of the middle class may be weakening.

Home ownership is proving to be a challenge as listing prices have been rising faster than incomes for nearly five years.  --

In August, the sales of existing homes were unchanged as a shortage of houses under $250,000 has become a drag on the market.

Demand is falling on gasoline keeping the price steady. According to AAA, the data follows the seasonal trend while the average price remains stable at $2.85 per gallon.

The Rural Mainstreet Index stayed above growth neutral for the 8th straight month even as the overall rate fell more than three points. The Creighton University snapshot revealed the economy outside of agriculture is expanding in the 10-state region surveyed.

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