Freezing Rain and Snow Blanket Parts U.S.

Jan 25, 2019  | 2 min  | Ep4423

A “sick out” by TSA agents and air traffic controllers slowed commerce on the Eastern Seaboard but weather stopped even more people in their tracks. John Torpy has the details. Producer Contact: 

Much of the country endured varying degrees of Old Man Winter’s wrath this week as a powerful mix of snow, freezing rain, and bitterly cold temperatures blanketed more than a dozen states. 
On Tuesday, strong winds and blowing snow shuttered interstates in Colorado and Wyoming. Almost 200 miles of interstate 70 was closed in the eastern plains of the Centennial State, trapping motorists on the eastern edge of Denver.
What started as freezing rain in central Kansas, turned to heavy snow in Iowa and Wisconsin. Snowfall totals reached up to 12 inches in some parts of the Midwest.
Once the snow and rain had moved out, a blast of bitterly cold temperatures moved in with daytime highs in the teens accompanied by wind chills well below zero.
Slightly warmer temperatures were the problem in Northern Ohio. Rain, and an ice jam on a river, caused flooding and evacuations in the town of Vermilion, which rests on the shores of Lake Erie.
According to The Weather Channel, Midwest and New England states could see the snow and cold repeat, as a hat trick of Alberta Clippers is expected throughout the weekend and into next week. 
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