Another Bomb Cyclone Strikes Corn Belt - Delaying Planting

Apr 12, 2019  | 2 min  | Ep4434

Vice President Mike Pence visited Iowa to observe flood damage downstream of the latest spring storms. Disaster aid packages are being put together even as the weather refuses to acknowledge that the seasons have changed.

Josh Buettner reports.


This week, the second “bomb cyclone” weather system in less than a month prompted blizzard warnings from the Rockies to the Upper Plains – restricting air travel and raising the prospect of renewed flooding in the already drenched Midwest.

Heavy snow in South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin created life-threatening conditions.  While the storm’s intensity was forecast to wind down near week’s end, authorities say several more inches of snow and relentless winds would be expected across the region.

Man (unidentified)/Faribault, Minnesota: “I was coming south.  It was getting pretty bad.  Everyone was going 35-40 mile an hour.  If anybody’s smart, they won’t drive.”

Before the weather event hit, an ice jam caused a bridge collapse in Norman County, Minnesota as portions of the Upper Plains readied for more flooding. Rising water forced several road closures in neighboring North Dakota midweek.

Master Sergeant Michael Knodle/North Dakota Air National Guard: “We got a call about a homeowner needing some sandbags.  We arrived on the scene, assessed their situation, noticed that they could use a couple extra hands…so we volunteered to help them fill their culvert and get their water situation under control.”

As the storm was brewing, two EF1 tornadoes slammed into northeast Alabama destroying homes and farm buildings.

The weather system will leave heavily saturated ground in its wake and is expected to hamper the start of spring planting in some sections of the Corn Belt.

For Market to Market, I’m Josh Buettner.

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