Biofuel Supporters Want Deal In Writing

Sep 20, 2019  | 2 min  | Ep4505

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency was cheered by rural America for revoking the 2015 Obama-era WOTUS rule. However, the EPA’s actions on refinery exemptions have spoken volumes to rural America.

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The White House is again at the center of the debate on biofuels.

Late last week, farm-state representatives made their case to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency’s granting of 31 waivers for oil companies on blending requirements.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley said what transpired in that session is a win for all sides in this discussion, but still wants a deal in writing.

Senator Charles Grassley, R – Iowa: “We left that meeting satisfied that if it comes out on paper, because EPA writing it and you know, I think a big oil has too much influence in EPA. But if it comes out on paper, the way that we orally had a discussion with the president and everybody seemed to be satisfied.”

Currently, the Renewable Fuel Standard sets the blending level at 15 billion gallons of corn or starch-based ethanol. However, that mark was missed in 2018 and has been short of the mandated goal since 2014 according to a report from the Congressional Research Service. What started at 4 billion in 2006 aims to hit 36 billion gallons of all renewable fuels by 2022.

The president has outlined support for renewable fuels such as ethanol. But as Senator Grassley said last week, not everyone in the Trump administration carries the same opinion as the president.

This week, oil state senators were going to get their turn at the White House to make their closing argument on the issue.  

Senator Charles Grassley, R – Iowa: “I shouldn't have to go back to the president and say anymore. If the President and the people advising him say we have a deal, we have a deal. And what better deal could you get and then the small refiners can get their waivers and we're going to get the use of ethanol what we were promised under the law.”

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