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California's Prop 12 Challenged in Court

Oct 14, 2019  | Ep4508

New livestock rules in California have drawn a court challenge from the meat industry.
The North American Meat Institute filed a challenge in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on October 4th. The lawsuit asks the court to halt the implementation of the new law on the grounds that the terms of Proposition 12 violate the interstate commerce clause and the federal structure of the United State Constitution. 
Proposition 12 was approved by California voters by over 60 percent of the vote. It broadens the definition of animal cruelty in agricultural production, and increases minimum space requirements for veal calves, breeding sows and laying hens.  The measure further requires that all egg operations in California be cage-free by 2023.
The terms of Proposition 12 also require that all veal, pork and eggs sold in California adhere to these rules, even if the veal, pork and eggs do not originate in the state. 
Agricultural groups lobbied against passage of Proposition 12 on the grounds that it would raise costs for consumers. 
No trial date for the suit has been set.


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