Market Plus: Mark Gold

The Show Must Go On - Producing TV And Making History

Mar 24, 2020  | Ep296 | Podcast


We produced our program last week while trying to practice safe distancing, and fewer people at their appointed positions all while a volatile trading week was unfolding. We may have challenges, but we do have a job to do, just like the people who've come to depend on our work for the last 45 years. Our general practice is to have our guests in-studio, sitting near the host and answering questions. But COVID-19 changed our ways of bringing our regularly scheduled guest in from Chicago, so Mark Gold joined us via the power of the internet. We had him on from his apartment in Chicago and back to us in Johnston. Click here as the show producers discuss our new normal in trying to keep stories coming your way. But we start with the passing of an Iowa PBS colleague and past guest host, Dean Borg. 

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