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Postgame Discussion With Mental Health Panel

May 19, 2020  | Ep304 | Podcast


We kept talking after recording our Mental Health special report. Watch that on our YouTube channel. The group of Angie Setzer, Adrianne DeSutter, Emily Krekelberg and Michael Rossman were great on TV, but kept talking about how things have changed with some farmers since the 1980's. We'll hit this theme again on how listening - goes a long way. Click here as we talk about dealing with stress and life does go on, even if you get out of farming.  

Phone numbers to call: 

Avera Farm and Rural Stress/800-691-4336
Iowa Concern Hotline/800-447-1985
National Suicide Prevention/800-273-TALK
Minnesota Farm and Rural Helpline/833-600-2670
Rural Safe/800-270-1898


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