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Grocery Patterns Change As Consumers' Tastes Evolve

Jun 2, 2020  | Ep306 | Podcast


Our food patterns have changed. Don't take our word for it, but rather those that study and log purchases at the grocery store. Chris DuBuis is with IRI, a Chicago-based food research company. DuBuis tells producer Peter Tubbs, the lockdown has driven up sales from the cooler as shoppers look for different cuts that have value and they can prepare at home. But when will that shift happen back to more restaurant eating? That's a big question in this full interview conducted for a story on the Market to Market program.   



The Chicago-based food research company IRI has found grocery store customers are trying unfamiliar cuts from the meat counter as replacements for their standard recipes. 

According to IRI market research, the meat department in many grocery stores has struggled to find gains in recent years. Since the pandemic forced lockdowns in major cities 10 weeks ago, sales from the cooler have risen 48 percent. 

The shift away from restaurants and other venues continues to stress the food industry, but while grocery store sales are up, the time when Americans will return to eating in restaurants is unknown.

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