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Johnnie White - Graze, Log and Watching It Burn

Oct 27, 2020  | Ep327 | Podcast


The wildfires in the western United States have made a lot of headlines as massive blazes are on pace to be one of the most prolific in years. Johnnie White is in the middle of the fires as a volunteer fire fighter in St. Helena, California, a member of the Pina Vineyard Management team and president of the Napa Valley Farm Bureau. His multiple hats provide insight on ways locals have been approaching forest management and dealing with the fires in the storied Napa Valley. White is a 6th generation resident who says some of the fire damage to grapes will limit production for years after the final fire is extinguished. Click here as Johnnie White describes how one of the missions as a fire fighter had strong resemblance to his day job in vine management. He also offers a tip the next time you travel to wine country. Market to Market Producer John Torpy also joins us to preview an upcoming story on disasters in farm country in California, Louisiana and Iowa. 

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