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4528 Outlook

Economic Outlook: February 28, 2020

Feb 28, 2020

This week, there were renewed fears the coronavirus will adversely affect worldwide commerce including commodity exports. --- Eight days ago the Dow Jones and the S&P set record highs. At the...

Market to Market

Ranchers & Cyclists Proud of Compromise Over Western Colorado Trail

Feb 28, 2020 | 6 min

President Trump’s 2017 presidential proclamation shrinking the size of Bears Ears and the (Grand Staircase – Escalante) National Monuments was implemented in early February. The move opened the land...

4527 flooding

Midwest Flooding Predictions for Areas Already Hard Hit in 2019

Feb 21, 2020 | 2 min

Some refer to spring as the season of renewal. For those living along the Missouri river, the only thing being renewed is fear over another year of flooding. In 2019, the southwest Iowa city of...

Soybean Dumping

Trade Groups Issue Patience On China Buying

Feb 21, 2020 | 2 min

The Phase One trade deal between the United States and China was signed in January and official implementation is underway. U.S. traders hoping for Chinese buyers to purchase large amounts of U.S...

prairie flowers

Farming the plants of the native prairie

Feb 21, 2020 | 6 min

Workers slowly harvest ripe seeds on a September morning. The rows of Anise Hysop are part of the 365 acres of plants and grasses at Prairie Moon Nursery near Winona, Minnesota. Surrounded by corn,...


Flooding and snow in the south

Feb 21, 2020 | 1 min

The flood season of 2020 started early in the South. Heavy rain in Tennessee turned fields into lakes. Transportation officials closed roads as water moved up in the flood-ravaged region. The...

Market to Market

Fungal Extracts Help Honey Bees

Feb 14, 2020 | 6 min

USDA lists honey bees as a critical link in U.S. agricultural production. According to their calculation, the billions of workers that take flight everyday add an estimated $15 billion to the value...

Market to Market

Economic Outlook: February 14, 2020

Feb 14, 2020

The Labor Department reported the consumer price index bumped up 0.1 percent in January. When the ups and downs of food and energy prices are pulled out, Core CPI moved 0.2 percent higher. The...

2021 Budget

White House delivers 2021 Budget

Feb 14, 2020 | 3 min

According to the Treasury Department, the U.S. budget deficit is up 19 percent from the same period a year ago. The growth puts the country on track for its first $1 trillion deficit since 2012. The...

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