Send us a video!

Send us a video!

Are you home, a little bored and having cabin fever? We have a job for you! Go outside and shoot up to a 15 second, horizontal video of you and your family. Get creative: include your pets, use props, say hi to your family in the state, do a jig or sing the script, have fun! This isn't just for those of you with kids; everyone is welcome! Go get some fresh air and send us your videos. 

Your video may be used on any of our four statewide broadcast channels or online social media pages. 

Sample script: 
Hi! We're the (last name) family in (city or county), staying home and staying safe, watching Iowa PBS!

Tips for a great video: 
Make it 5 to 15 seconds in length.
Shoot the video horizontally.
Standing six feet from the camera is best.
Lighting is always better outside, even on a cloudy day.
Speak clearly! 

To submit your video: 
Send your video to Iowa PBS on Facebook Messenger or email a link to download it to

Thanks in advance for your participation in this fun activity. Be safe and be well!