Whether we use spoken language, body language, or even drawings, communicating is something we all do every day! Dan Wardell and DanBot discover written clues that lead them on a fun adventure. Abby Brown learns American Sign Language. And Doctor Notable contemplates a World Without Vowels with a song all
February 14, 2020 7:00 am on IOWAPBS | Episode #204 | 29 minutes

IPTV KIDS Clubhouse

Series Overview

Dedicated to children aged 3-11, this exciting new weekly series is rooted in education and blossoming with fun! Longtime IPTV KIDS host, Dan Wardell, his lovable Clubhouse puppet friends, and his smart co-host, Abby Brown, inspire kids to go outside and play, use their imaginations, read good books, and eat healthy foods. With episode themes such as Music, Construction, Farming, and Nature, laughter and learning go hand in hand as kids are actively engaged in each show's delightful content.