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Polar Bear Spy on the Ice

Series Overview

Polar bears are deemed by many to be the most charismatic and elusive bears of all. Filmed in the Arctic islands of Svalbard, Norway this beautiful programme gets closer than ever before to the world's greatest land predator with the help of Icebergcam, Blizzardcam and Snowballcam. Backed up by Snowcam and Driftcam, these camouflaged cameras reveal the extraordinary curiosity and intelligence of the polar bear. The cameras are just a breath away when two sets of cubs emerge from winter maternity dens. They also capture the moment when the sea ice breaks away from the island in the spring. As one set of mother and cubs journey across the drifting ice in search of seals, the other is marooned on the island with very little food. How they cope with their different fates is captured in revelatory close up detail. As the film captures its intimate portrait of polar bears' lives, it reveals how their intelligence and curiosity help them cope in a world of shrinking ice.