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Battleground Everglades

Series Overview

BATTLEGROUND EVERGLADES explores the struggle to save one of the world's most revered wetlands: The Florida Everglades. Devastated by a century of drainage and development, the entire Everglades watershed is suffering from man-made pollution, habitat destruction and species decline. The six-part series examines threats to Florida's ecosystem, including sea level rising, invasive plants and animals destroying delicate habitats and native species, and the difficult restoration of Lake Okeechobee, the liquid heart of the Everglades system. It also follows one of the most dramatic chapters in the long history of Everglades restoration. An enormous outbreak of toxic algae choked delicate estuaries and rivers on Florida's East and West coasts in 2016. From the outcry of environmentalists, to the political fight with powerful agricultural interests, the series takes an in-depth look at all sides of these critical moments. BATTLEGROUND EVERGLADES showcases dramatic challenges and innovative solutions to restore this World Heritage Site. As more and more countries battle algae outbreaks and enormous environmental issues, the Everglades is poised to become a beacon of learning and hope.