Calistoga, California

Ancient hot springs and volcanic rock define modern vineyards and a new way to dine in Calistoga.
June 7, 2020 6:00 pm on CREATE | Episode #104 | 27 minutes | Visit Website

100 Days, Drinks, Dishes and Destinations

Series Overview

In the culinary adventure series 100 DAYS, DRINKS, DISHES & DESTINATIONS, Emmy and James Beard Award-winning wine expert Leslie Sbrocco travels the world with glass and fork in hand, indulging in delicacies, uncovering local hangouts, meeting talented artisans and visiting both up-and-coming and acclaimed restaurants, wineries and breweries. This season, Leslie explores San Francisco's Chinatown and Calistoga, California before jetting off to Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; and Normandy, France.