To submit video content or a written proposal to Iowa PBS, please review the Iowa PBS Submission Guidelines.

Many programs in our web listings have a link to the program's own website (if there is one). From iowapbs.org, hover over the SCHEDULE header and select Search Schedule. On the next screen, select the first letter of the program you're searching for then type its title in the keyword search box. The next page will feature a "Visit website" link. Sometimes you can also find information by going to the PBS website at www.pbs.org. At the top of the home page, click on "Shows" to search for programs.

Produced by Iowa PBS, Iowa Ingredient recipes can be found on the show's website. To find recipe information from other programs on IOWAPBS and CREATE.4, or to contact those programs directly for more information, you can search current programs A-Z and visit their series pages to find links to their websites.

Public TV stations are required to broadcast many programs that are distributed by PBS on the evening that they are given to stations (by satellite). Saturday evening and late-night hours during the week are times when PBS programs are not coming to us, so those time slots are used for programs such as Britcoms, which come from other distributors.

At the top of Iowa PBS's home page, click on "SCHEDULE" which will take you to the program listings page where you can search by date or click on the Search Current Programs A-Z link to search by title. We generally have our schedule up to three weeks ahead posted to our website.

Iowa PBS purchases the broadcast right for all programs. The "rights" tell us how many times we can broadcast a program within a certain period of time. This is normally four times over three or four years although it could be much shorter or longer. At the end of that time period, Iowa PBS is not able legally to broadcast the program. Occasionally, old programs will be available again so additional rights can be bought.

Many series have a limited number of programs. Most of the "how-to" series (i.e. cooking, sewing, quilting, painting, woodworking, travel, etc.) contain only 13 episodes. Sometimes new series (of 13) are made every year or two, so the program returns with new episodes.

We do broadcast the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union championship finals of basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. The Iowa High School Athletic Association owns the broadcast rights to the various high school boys’ championship events and they award the broadcast rights to other organizations. For more information on where you can find broadcasts of the boys’ championships, please call IHSAA at 515.432.2011.

Pledge drives are unbeatable when it comes to encouraging new members to join Friends of Iowa PBS in the least costly way. When viewers just finish watching a program that they feel is worthy of support, they are strongly motivated to make a contribution. Pledge drives make it easy for current members to renew and for other viewers to join. During our 20 days per year of televised fundraising, we’re able to generate 20 percent of our contributions from individuals. When we attract new members and additional gifts on air, there are more dollars available for the programs you enjoy.

We realize it can be frustrating when a program you’re fond of disappears during Festival. Very few shows produce 52 weeks a year of new material and in many cases the shows are not timed or formatted for fundraising purposes by the producers. Programs are selected to air during pledge drives not only for their ability to entertain or enlighten but their potential to generate contributions. As more viewers join you as Friends of Iowa PBS members, they support the programs that we all enjoy year round. We try to minimize the disruption of your favorites by limiting pledge days to fewer than 20 per year—just 5 percent of our annual broadcast schedule—so that you have more than 340 days a year pledge-free.

The Second Audio Program channel has been turned on either on your TV set or another piece of equipment like a cable box, and you need to turn it off to get the audio that goes with the program. The controls are usually located in the audio menu and could be designated as SAP, MTS, audio B or audio 2. When programs have an audio track featuring DVS/DVI (descriptive video for the visually impaired), or Spanish translation, Iowa PBS carries that audio on the SAP. You should also be able to find information on turning it off in your owner's manual.

If you don't see your question answered in our F.A.Q. section, please contact us.

You may also want to try our Friends Foundation FAQ page.