The Film Lounge premieres Feb. 12 on Iowa PBS

The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and IPTV will host preview parties across the state

From a classic horror story to an experimental film involving choreocinema, 13 independent short films by Iowa artists will be featured on two, one-hour episodes that launch next month on IPTV.

Showcasing the work of independent filmmakers based in Iowa, The Film Lounge is a new series produced by IPTV in partnership with the Iowa Arts Council and Produce Iowa, the State Office of Media Production, both divisions of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

The collection of short films represent a wide range of artistic visions and forms - documentary, experimental, narrative, animation. The program explores film as an art form, highlights Iowa's vibrant film communities, and recognizes filmmaking for its contributions to the economic and cultural vitality of Iowa. 

The Film Lounge: Episode 101 will premiere at 10 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12, following the popular PBS series "Masterpiece." 
The Film Lounge: Episode 102 will premiere at 10 p.m. the following Sunday, Feb. 19. Both episodes will have additional air times on IPTV WORLD (.3).

Watch parties scheduled for Iowa City, Des Moines and Sioux City will offer a sneak peek at the series. The public is invited to celebrate the work of filmmakers across Iowa and attend these free events.

The Film Lounge Watch Parties:

Iowa City
Sunday, Feb. 5 at 11 a.m.
18 East College St.  

Des Moines
Thursday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m. 
Fleur Cinema and Cafe
4545 Fleur Drive

Sioux City
Saturday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. 
Palmer's Pub, hosted by Sioux City International Film Festival
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
300 Third St.

The IPTV air date schedule for each episode follows:
February 12 | 10 PM The Film Lounge: Episode 101
February 19 | 10 PM The Film Lounge: Episode 102

February 14 | 11 AM The Film Lounge: Episode 101
February 17 | 11 AM The Film Lounge: Episode 101
February 21 | 11 AM The Film Lounge: Episode 102
February 24 | 11 AM The Film Lounge: Episode 102

The list of films selected for The Film Lounge follows:
(City, Artist, Film Title, Year – Synopsis)

  • Cedar Rapids, Paul Huenemann, “The Gurgle,” 2016 – an animated film that explores the classic horror story trope of something natural behaving unnaturally. Episode 101
  • Decorah, Thomas C. Johnson, “Ironhead,” 2015 – a documentary film about Kelly Ludeking, a northeast Iowa artist who pours molten iron to create original works of art. Episode 102
  • Des Moines, Kristian Day, “Cactua,” 2010 – an art film that uses improvisation to meditate on the experience of being alone in a solitary environment. Episode 102
  • Des Moines, Christopher Ford and Bruce Bales, “Everybody Rains,” 2015 – a music video that uses puppets to personify a rain cloud and explore the common experience of crying. Episode 101
  • Dubuque, Ian Carstens, “Empty Basket,” 2015 – a documentary art film that explores the act of observation and its relation to time by watching those who are watching. Episode 102
  • Indianola, Paul Berge, “The Waiting Room,” 2015 – a film based on a radio play that captures the comedic hopelessness of dealing with authority. Episode 101
  • Iowa City, John Richard, “The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove,” 2015 – a documentary film about the life of Hans Hansen, an early 20th century Danish immigrant in Eastern Iowa. Episode 101
  • Iowa City, Lisa Schlesinger and Irina Patkanian, “Three Boats-Iphigenia at Lesvos,” 2016 – an art film that responds to the refugee crisis through the lens of the Iphigenia myth. Episode 102
  • Iowa City, Andrew Sherburne and Tommy Haines, “Husker Sand,” 2015 – a documentary film that examines tradition and community through the century-old tradition of cornhusking competitions. Episode 102
  • Iowa City, Josh Thorud, “Eyes/Desires,” 2014 – an art film that explores the control a filmmaker has over the expectation and experience a viewer has watching a film. Episode 101
  • Iowa City, P. Sam Kessie, “Body & Form,” 2016 – an experimental film that studies the movement of a disjointed form through choreo-cinema, the combination of dance and film into a single work of art. Episode 101
  • West Des Moines, Greg Best, “Lost and Found,” 2011 – a fictional drama that explores anxiety and loss by following a father’s search for his daughter. Episode 102
  • Winfield, Kathy Buxton and Steve M. Jennings, “The Sacrifice,” 2010 – a hand-illustrated, animated film that is inspired by the story of Saint George and the dragon. Episode 102

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