Iowa PBS Announces New Web Series Time Travel Iowa

IPTV announced today the launch of a new online-exclusive web series, Time Travel Iowa. The series will premiere Friday, July 6 on Facebook, YouTube and

Time Travel Iowa is an exploration of Iowa’s history as told through the histories behind various artifacts found in museums across the state. Organized around historical themes, each online segment follows historians and curators as they present selected artifacts, describe their importance in the eras they’re from and explain their significance today.

The first theme—child’s play and pastimes—will include toys from the Peter-Mar Toy Company, which launched in Muscatine in 1941 and shut down shortly after World War II.

New episodes of Time Travel Iowa will premiere the first Friday of the month through December. Additional media and supporting classroom resources will be released as part of IPTV’s award-winning Iowa Pathways educational website beginning this fall.

Funding for this program provided by the Liberty Fund at Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and Margaret J. Gurau of Ames, Iowa. This project is also supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program.