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Iowa PBS Announces Release of Market to Market Classroom, a Free Educational Resource

IPTV has announced the release of an online educational resource for classrooms across the United States.

Market to Market Classroom is a free resource, connecting students and educators with stories about the business, technology, science and issues of agriculture from the nation's longest-running agribusiness television program, IPTV’s Market to Market. Explore the stories at and gain a deeper understanding of the people, issues and events that shape agriculture today. 

“Each learning module contains resources that build upon core subject content, emphasizing critical thinking, research and communication skills,” said Terry Rinehart, IPTV’s Director of Educational Services. “These online resources connect with learning outcomes in agriculture, science, social studies and language arts classrooms.”

Each learning module features the following classroom resources:

  • Online videos provide current reporting and in-depth background information
  • Background essays introduce concepts and summarize key themes
  • Research challenges guide students through their project-based investigation
  • Discussion questions engage students in critical thinking
  • Related resources support student investigation and teacher instruction
  • Teacher guides include standards connections, assessment rubrics and classroom strategies

The educational website features the following learning modules:

  • Science & Technology in Agriculture Agriculture has a rich tradition of embracing technology to improve production, revolutionize how farmers run their business and change the face of rural communities. 
  • Commodity Markets Weather, consumer demand, international events and beyond, can all influence the price a producer is able to get for a commodity. 
  • New Markets & Entrepreneurship Many successful farms and agricultural businesses are built on new ideas, new products, new markets and new methods. In an increasingly global and competitive landscape, entrepreneurial skills are as important as ever. 
  • 1980s Farm Crisis During the 1980s, America's farmers were confronted by an economic crisis more severe than any since the Great Depression. Many of those who relied on agriculture for their livelihoods faced financial ruin. 
  • Role of Government in Agriculture Government policies must balance the costs and benefits to farmers, consumers, the environment, government budgets and competing interests. 

Market to Market Classroom is made possible by the generous support of DuPont Pioneer. 

Market to Market Classroom resources are available at