Iowa PBS Premieres New Documentary Iowa’s Century Farms

IPTV continues its tradition of telling Iowa’s stories with the premiere of a new documentary, Iowa’s Century Farms. The program examines the resilience of Iowa’s century farm families and the ways in which they’ve been able to continue their agricultural traditions for generations to come.

“There is a sense of pride in farming land that has been in a family for generation after generation – 100 years or more in some very special cases,” said Laurel Bower Burgmaier, Producer of Iowa’s Century Farms. “The legacies of these century farm families connect with the mission of IPTV to tell the stories of Iowa’s history and inspire future generations.” 

Iowa's Century Farms will air Tuesday, March 3 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 8 at 11:35 a.m. on statewide IPTV. 

The documentary profiles families from Rippey, Waterloo, Manning, Hudson, Washington and Minburn who share a profound passion for farming the land, and have a strong conviction to keep it in the family for future generations. 

 “The generational farms, the land itself, there are few things outside of my family and faith, I would say there’s nothing outside of those two things that are any more important than the generational farms,” said Roy Bardole, who owns and operates a century farm near Rippey, Iowa. 

Century farms don’t just happen. It takes commitment, sacrifice, and a keen belief that carrying on the tradition matters. The roots are deep – the stories important. 

Programming support for Iowa’s Century Farms is provided by: Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company, John Deere and Friends of IPTV.