Colors of the Suffrage Movement

Jan 24, 2020  | 1 min 17 sec  | Ep 2020

Learn the reasons why suffragists used the colors purple, white and gold to represent their movement.


Purple, white and gold are famous colors of the U.S. suffrage movement.

But why?

In the early 1900s, suffragists began to realize the need to come up with a brand, just as their fellow British suffragettes had done. They wanted to convey that they were smart, capable women who would bring civility to politics with the vote.

British women were using green, white and violet, which stood for “give women the vote,” while also representing royalty, freedom, purity and hope.

American women replaced green with gold to pay homage to the use of the sunflower in the 1867 suffrage referendum campaign, but decided to keep purple and white.

Purple would come to stand for loyalty, white for purity and gold for hope.

White dresses also were cheaper and stood out in contrast to crowds of men wearing dark suits. Today, women continue to wear the color white to pay tribute to the suffragists and the continued fight for women’s rights.