Kids playing with ramps.

STEM Resources for Physical Science

Aug 29, 2017

Contact us at Iowa PBS Education about bringing the Ramps and Pathways education kit to your school or event.

Ramps and Pathways is STEM curriculum that involves inclined planes and movement of objects. Children use cove molding of differing lengths and marbles of various sizes. The cove molding serves as a track for the marble. Ramps and Pathways gives children endless possibilities to think and create. They build, test their ramp structures, make adjustments, and try again until they are successful. Children are motivated to engage in this process because of the intriguing nature of the materials. They use blocks of all kinds (wooden unit blocks, cardboard blocks, foam blocks) to build the base structure of the ramp. Through Ramps and Pathways, children have experiences to succeed, and also to make mistakes, since children also learn from mistakes. Ramps and Pathways is appropriate and beneficial for children up to age ten.

Iowa PBS Education can also put you in touch with a variety of STEM resources to fit your needs. Ready for School will work with partners across the state to bring STEM resources to the children served in their communities. PBS LearningMedia has a variety of physical science resources. For example, check out a Teaching Tips module featuring Wild Kratts that teaches about Energy and Motion.