Young Explorer

Young Explorers

May 20, 2020

Young Explorers is a growing collection of great videos, activities, and materials designed for children ages 4-9. In collaboration with other great Iowa education partners, children are encouraged to explore and learn more about topics connected to STEM, the arts, and literacy.

Go Beyond

Go Beyond includes broadcast and online programming based on scientific demonstrations performed by Science Center of Iowa staff. These fun, inspiring science experiments will encourage young people to explore the world within their own reach and perform activities that show how science is at work in everyday lives. The demonstrations were recorded at the Science Center of Iowa.

woman holding hand made bagMakers
Learn about tools and materials that can be used to make your ideas come to life!

Related maker resources: Design Squad Global, SciGirls: Make and Technovate, Engineering for Good, PBS Parents: Crafts and Experiments, Cat in the Hat: Invention Engine



woman posing behind lab tableChemistry
Discover how matter and energy can change form in a variety of exciting demonstrations!

Related chemistry resources: What's the Matter, Substances and Chemical Reactions, Categorizing Matter, Atoms and Elements



man gesturing at planetariumIowa Skies Tonight
On a clear night, the sky shines with stars! Pinpoint the planets and constellations you might see and learn a little bit about them.

Related star and constellation resources: Ready Jet Go! - What is a constellation?, Nature Cat - Stargazers, Ready Jet Go! - Mindy's Constellation Exploration, High Definition Films from the Morrison Planetarium



man holding a turtleCold-Blooded Critters
Discover fascinating facts about some of our resident reptiles and amphibians and get up-close with these cold-blooded creatures!

Related resources: What's a Reptile?, Amphibians - Science Trek, How a Frog Becomes a Frog, Snakes - Science Trek



Go Wild

Go Wild with the Blank Park Zoo and Iowa PBS as we embark on an educational adventure to discover the many wonderful ways we can interact with animals and their habitats.




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