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Ideas and Activities to Learn and Grow for Little Learners

Aug 1, 2020

Iowa schools are back in session. Whether your school day is online or back in the physical classroom, Iowa PBS has some great resources to get you geared up and ready to go. From brand new resources from the Science Center of Iowa and the Blank Park Zoo to tried and true supplements, we have educational treasures to share with you!

Go Wild and Go Beyond

Iowa PBS spent the summer visiting with some of our animal friends at the Blank Park Zoo and the people that care for them. We learned all about animal habitats, pollinators and even ocean coral! Did you know that the Blank Park Zoo is working with coastal preservationists in Florida to save the coral reefs and the animals that live there? Join Abby Brown to learn all about pollinators, giraffes, rhinos and even, yes, coral reefs. Check out the full show.

Iowa PBS Education also teamed up with the Science Center. We learned all about cold-blooded animals and why they are cold. We did some kitchen chemistry with the help of our friends and experts, and even learned all about the stars that surround us on a warm summer night. We’ve compiled them all on our Young Explorers page on Iowa PBS Education.

While you're checking out the Young Explorers content on Iowa PBS Education, don’t forget to check out the new Young Explorers collection on PBS LearningMedia. The collection gives your Young Explorers some exciting new activities and resources that will expand their imaginations and let them learn about all kinds of interesting things from fairytales to how a boat floats.

Check the Iowa PBS Education Young Explorers page and the PBS LearningMedia Young Explorers collection often as we will be adding more exciting videos, activities and resources throughout the year created just for your Young Explorers.

Build Skills in Literacy, STEM and More

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Literacy Resources

Make reading and vocabulary fun for children and students by checking out these great literacy resources.

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STEM Resources

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are important topics for children and students to learn about. Get them engaged in STEM by using the resources shared in this video.

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Social and Emotional Learning Resources

Developing the social and emotional health of children and students is just as important as developing their knowledge in other subject areas. The resources provided here provide an excellent starting point for this important topic.

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Resources for Parents and Educators

If you are looking for guidance or advice on how to discuss specific concepts or how to teach a specific topic, these resources provide great suggestions to help maximize learning.

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General Resources

These resources cover a broad range of topics, including reading, math, science, social studies, and more!

Downloadable Activities

Over the years, Iowa PBS’s team of pre-K and elementary specialists have been curating and creating great downloadable activities, resources and ideas that you and your students can do at the start of the school year to get everyone back on track after the long break. Here are a few highlights:

  • Download the Letter Mat template and have your students practice their letters and numbers. 
  • Do you have pattern blocks in your classroom to help students learn about commonly used shapes in math? Have you ever tried to use the shapes with letter identification? Check out the Alphabet Pattern Block Cards. There are 26 letter cards, with both upper and lower case letters represented as well as 26 cards that show different animals and objects starting with each letter of the alphabet. This activity is a great way to review common shapes, letters in isolation and the alphabet. 
  • Check out our Math Adventures for Kindergarten. This all-in-one downloadable has 12 math lessons with activities and printables to help you introduce new math topics or refresh your students’ memories before moving on to a related concept. Share with parents so they can download it too and work with their students at home. 

Whether you're looking for resources to refresh memories, teach new concepts or give support to your parents, Iowa PBS Education is here to help. Check out all of our activities and resources on our website and sign up for our e-newsletter for updates and new resources from Iowa PBS and PBS KIDS. 

Have a great school year! We can’t wait to hear all about the exciting things your Young Explorers will be learning this year!


Your Iowa PBS Education Team