Space exploration with Iowa PBS

May 24, 2021

Join Iowa PBS Education for our Lunch and Learn Event in partnership with Iowa 4-H and NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium! 

Take a journey to see the Mars landing and try to land your own space item on a target, or see how textured the moon is and paint your own moon. Whether you learn about space on our trusted partner sites or in your own home we hope you'll find these activities out of this world. 

Space exploration for K-3

Space exploration for 4-8

  • You have likely heard or read that NASA's Perseverance landed on Mars. Can you imagine how hard that is? Read about why it was tricky and watch the included videos to see why this was such an accomplishment. 
  • Have you ever wondered how hard it is to land on the moon or Mars? Practice your landing skills by designing and building your own 'space lander' -- see if you can hit the target. 
  • Are we alone? It’s one of those tantalizing mysteries we can’t help but ponder. Earth is teeming with life, including humans intelligent enough to ask such questions. NOVA's Exoplanet Lab uses Minecraft as a creative sandbox where kids can explore alternative versions of Earth – like “What if Earth had no Moon?” – allowing researchers to study how “What If?” hypothetical scenarios might trigger engagement and learning in STEM. Exoplanets provide another fantastic playground for this kind of creative learning, a chance for students not just to ponder what alien worlds and their inhabitants might be like, but to use proven scientific methods to find answers.

For all age groups -- have you noticed the moon changes appearance a bit each day? Does it change shape or size? How about color? Use this moon journal to track the moon and see how the lunar cycle can make the moon big and bright or even completely disappear. 

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