Wander & Wonder added to Young Explorers Collection PBS LearningMedia

Come Wander & Wonder with Iowa PBS

Jun 21, 2021

From homemade slime to pancake science. What adventure will Abby Brown take your young explorer on today? Weekend fun is just a click away with the addition of Iowa PBS’s Wander & Wonder now in the Young Explorers collection on PBS LearningMedia.

Your young explorer can imagine and plan their own adventure right along with Abby and her friends as they consider places they want to go and see right here in Iowa.

If backyard fun is in order, how about a game of hide and seek with camouflage animals made by your young explorer as they learn all about natural camouflage with this fun craft?

Or, with a little imagination, transform your backyard into an archaeological dig using casts and molds from fossils you and your young explorer have made using household ingredients like coffee grounds, flour and salt.

When it’s time to cool down, consider making ice towers. What a great way to cool off and learn some fun science concepts like states of matter and physical change. With some simple household materials, your refrigerator and the water that comes out of your faucet, you’ll have a curious young scientist in no time.

And there’s always time for crafts that help your young explorer build their social emotional skills no matter the season. From making a gratitude turkey to say “thank you” to making and sharing friendship bracelets. Abby has some neat crafts that will help your young explorer strengthen their social emotional skills.

With the addition of Iowa PBS’s Wander & Wonder to the Young Explorers collection, there’s nowhere your child’s imagination can’t go.

What adventures will you go on today with Iowa PBS Education? Have fun with it!