Red barn near a field

FIND Iowa: Go On a Virtual Agricultural Field Trip With FIND Iowa

Aug 24, 2021

Designed for elementary students and aligned to state science and social studies standards, Iowa PBS’s latest release in the FIND Iowa collection focuses on agriculture in Iowa, highlighting, among other things, technological changes in farming over time. FIND Iowa offers “virtual field trips” consisting of videos, 360° images and videos, maps, and other interactive components. Resources for parents and teachers are also included in order to provide direction on how to utilize the FIND Iowa trips with their children and students. 

Technology on the Farm

When considering technological advances, you may think of smartphones, smart cars and smart homes, but have you ever considered farming as an area of technological advance and innovation? The reality is, that technology within farming and agriculture has changed a lot in recent history. Bruce Johnson, an Iowa farmer, recalls helping his grandpa as he transitioned from using horse-drawn plows to purchasing his first tractor. Now, Bruce’s daughter Candi just began using a combine that is equipped with GPS; it can drive itself!

Beyond self-driving combines, agriculture is changing through the use of drones and the study of plant and animal genetics. Agriculture really does seem to be on the cutting edge of technological advance, and Iowa is the laboratory where this is taking place. What might be the next technological advance that we see in agriculture?

Agriculture and You

Whether you live on a farm, have an at-home garden, or simply enjoy fresh sweet corn with your grilled hamburger during the summer, all Iowans are impacted by the technological changes that have happened within agriculture over time. 

To explore more about these technological changes and others, check out the full FIND Iowa series on Agriculture in Iowa.