family activities

Iowa PBS is here to support you in providing learning opportunities that you can be confident using with your children during school closures.

Iowa PBS Phenomena

Are you looking for Iowa-based phenomena to anchor your science unit or lesson? Then the Iowa Science Phenomena website is your source! Developed with Iowa teachers and statewide partners, its aim is...

Children Coloring

As teachers, students and families address a new school year, PBS Educational Consultants and educators have come together to curate activities around different educational themes supported by our...

Woman speaking in front of giraffe

Go wild with the Blank Park Zoo and Iowa PBS as we embark on an educational adventure to discover the many wonderful ways we can interact with animals and their habitats.

Man working with reptiles

Discover fascinating facts about some of our resident reptiles and amphibians and get up-close with these cold-blooded creatures!

man gesturing at planetarium

On a clear night, the sky shines with stars! Pinpoint planets and constellations you might see and learn a little about them.

woman posing at lab table

Discover how matter and energy can change form in a variety of exciting demonstrations!

woman holding handmade bag

Learn about tools and materials that can be used to make your ideas come to life!

Iowa PBS STEM Externship Program

Iowa PBS Education is adding two Iowa STEM teachers to its ranks as externs this summer. The externs will work with Iowa PBS’s education staff to create science phenomena media for use in Iowa...

Young Explorer

Young Explorers is a growing collection of great videos, activities, and materials designed for children ages 4-9. In collaboration with other great Iowa education partners, children are encouraged...