Wander & Wonder added to Young Explorers Collection PBS LearningMedia

From homemade slime to pancake science . What adventure will Abby Brown take your young explorer on today? Weekend fun is just a click away with the addition of Iowa PBS’s Wander & Wonder now in...


Multimedia Afterschool and Summer Activity Plans Both PBS KIDS Afterschool Adventures and PBS KIDS Out-Of-School Resources are on PBS LearningMedia and include all of the resources you need to get...

family activities

Iowa PBS is here to support you in providing learning opportunities that you can be confident using with your children during school closures.

Children Coloring

As teachers, students and families address a new school year, PBS Educational Consultants and educators have come together to curate activities around different educational themes supported by our...

Young Explorer

Young Explorers is a growing collection of great videos, activities, and materials designed for children ages 4-9. In collaboration with other great Iowa education partners, children are encouraged...

Ready to Learn

Scientific inquiry refers to the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations based on the evidence they have found. Try some of the following online games that...

Family on computer and mobile device

Iowa PBS is collaborating with agencies and organizations to provide access to educational enrichment options.

Mother with children using a tablet.

Iowa PBS and PBS provide several great resources for elementary students, parents, and educators.

Iowa PBS Education Chain Link Task Cards

Use our Chain Link Task Cards as a way to learn math, patterns and sorting.

Iowa PBS Education Bingo

Our PBS KIDS Characters Bingo game is a great way to help children learn their matching skills. Talk about what each of the programs teach children as you play, or ask them what they enjoy about each...