Talent Search (Day 5 Preliminary Round) | Iowa State Fair 2013

Aug 12, 2013 | 00:01:15

Advanced to the semi-finals in the Sprout Division:

Abby Thompson, age 12, Acro-Jazz Dance, Guthrie Center
Dionna Knotts, age 13, Dance, Burlington
Jayden Welcher, age 11, Afton; Paige Hudson, age 10, Afton; Mackenna Case, age 10, Afton; Danika Schultes, age 11, Creston -- Clog Dance
Riley Houde, age 12, Vocal Solo, Mitchellville
Eli Dykstra, age 11, Electric Guitar Solo, Boyden

Advanced to the semi-finals in the Senior Division:

Dylan Struck, age 19, Vocal Solo, Denison
Jonathan Wolf, age 15, Classical Violin, Ames
Aly Olson, age 20, Vocal Solo, Des Moines
Lily Gast, age 13, Vocal Solo, Cedar Falls
Claudia Coltrain, age 20, Kiron; Aaron Larson, age 16, Denison; Porter Bilsten, age 16, Denison; Jesse Ayala, age 16, Denison -- Instrumental/Vocal

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