About FIND Iowa

The Fun Investigating New Discoveries (FIND) Iowa project from Iowa PBS Education encourages students in grades 2-5 to virtually investigate our state through the use of immersive and interactive learning content. Investigations are organized by theme, with each theme having multiple subtopics.

The content provided throughout each theme doesn't simply give students all the answers or facts. Instead, students are encouraged to ask questions, contemplate the topics and make conclusions based upon the information provided. Each theme is aligned to Iowa Core Social Studies or Science education standards to ensure that the content being investigated can be easily connected to classroom learning. Additional activities are provided for educators and parents that can further students' and children's understanding of the topics.

The resources on the FIND Iowa website are designed so that elementary students can view and interact with them on their own. Teachers and parents are encouraged to engage students in discussion and further learning as students use the site.

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